iORA Fashion was established in 1998 with a strong commitment to inspire and make quality fashion accessible to everyone. iORA Group offers a diverse selection of women’s ready-to-wear clothing, including essential wardrobe pieces and stylish accessories suitable for all seasons and occasions.

iORA focuses on catering to contemporary working women, crafting collections with meticulous attention to detail. We strive to reinvent timeless classics that address the practical needs of women, ensuring both comfort and quality. Our brand’s ethos centers around empowering women to feel completely at ease in their own skin, exuding confidence when adorned in iORA apparel.

LALU attains its inspirations from street styles and youth culture for young women seeking city casual pieces.

SORA complements a woman’s attire with a range of well-made and durable ready-to-wear small goods, merging timeless designs and¬†functionality.